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We are the small team of genealogists and archival researchers specializing in Ukrainian, Jewish, Russian, Polish and other Eastern European family history. We are based in Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

We visit different archives every week. Please browse our blog entries below for more details.

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A few helpful references are here. Genealogy Translation help is here. You can read about our books here. You can contact us with any questions. If you need to call us, numbers are here. We are members of Association of Professional Genealogists. We are working for you 24/7.

What They Say

Our Great Team

Kirill Chashchin
Head of Research

I started genealogical research into my own ancestry 12 years ago, digged 11 generations deep in Russian and Ukrainian archives and started talking about...

Olexa Balyura
Senior Researcher

Biography: Geologist by education and early work experience. Formerly in computer and communications business. Started genealogy research in archives in 2010, do it profe

Natalia Kilinski

Researcher, Polish and German Genealogy. Specializing in archives communications and documents retrieval. Speaks and reads Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, English, German.